Alphabet Soup - Final Letterforms

These letterforms was created using a pencil, marker pen, white and black card and a scalpel. As we was limited to a colour palette of black and white, i wanted to create the large majority of my final letterforms by just using white and black card and cutting, almost stencil like, silhouette designs. I figured by keeping the designs quite simple, they would work better as letterforms, which is more than likely, often the case. This has proven the case for some of my letters but as you can see , some have worked better than others. 

I am really pleased with how this idea has transferred into the black and white card. I created two of these at the same time, using the inverse to see which one worked the best. I personally like the top one more, the black on white, and that seems to be the case for most people i have asked around the studio. 

the next letterform has been created in the same style. Stretching the 3D form backwards. This time i chose to use a lower case 't' as it has more curves and and lines to see how this would work in this style. I am pleased again with the result. It really stands out and works well under the describing word stretch. It looks like the letter it stretching out towards you. 

When handcrafting my next letterform. i thought about taking a normal lower case 't' then stretching the ends out. So as you can see, the cross line across the top of t stretched to the right hand side of the page and the flick at the bottom i brought back and stretched it up towards the other line. I am pleased with this design, it is legible as a 't' even though you don't quite see it at first but the curves and lines work really well in this one. 

One of the more minimalistic final outcomes. Basically just taking an upper case 'T' and stretching it down to fit in the frame.

Another fairly simple design. For this, i thought about expanding and stretching the letterform outside of the boundaries of the square, then leaving what was left inside the square as the final letterform. I think it was quite a nice way to look and it under the word ' STRETCH'.

 A similar concept to the last one, stretching the lower case 't' outside of the boundaries of the square.

Another way of stretching the 'T' inside of the frame. This time i have used the word 'EXPAND' so that nearly the whole box has been taken up by my letterform. 

I wanted to alter the perspective of the 'T' to make it look like it was lying stretched across the frame, then with these long lines added to the bottom, i have stretched the whole letterform towards the front.

Again, i crated a negative of this to see which one works best. Much like the last one, i prefer the black on white. 

This is the only letterform i have created using fine markers instead of the white and black card. I feel it still fits with the theme of my letterforms, although it is very different. A more illustrative response to the question. As you can see, this was based on stretchy and sticky chewing gum!

This is the last of my 10 letterforms. This was a really nice idea, but i don't think the final piece came out how i wanted as it looked much better in the design process. However, it still works well and looks nice as a letterform. If i had more time, i would re-visit this letter from the original designs and see how i could improve it. 

This was a design i created that i chose not to use in my final 10 letterforms. The result isn't quite how i intended but the lines are to represent the elasticity of an elastic band. 

Alphabet Soup - Creating Letterforms from Design Ideas

I based the majority if my letterforms on the most basic of fonts 'Helevetica' with the exception of one or two where i used slight variations of fonts but nothing too dramatic as i wanted to start of at a pretty basic starting point, to build my letterforms from. 

This was the first drawing i created. I first did a hand drawn version at the top to start off with, then created a separate, more clean cut version at the bottom, using fine marker pens. For this particular letterform, i decided to add a 3D side to it. I thought that by doing this it made the letter appear to be 'STRETCHING' towards you and away from the page.

Using the same basic idea of making the text 3d and stretching out towards us, i created these next three drawings, experimenting with a different font this time. I like the top sketch as it emphasis how far i has been stretched, and i also added in some descending lines for a bit of pattern, which seems to work well. The next drawing i made is a little bit more abstract in a sense. At first you don't really see that is a letter 'T' but that's what i quite like about it. I also like how the line iv'e drawn in make it look like 3d groves coming from the back of the 'T'.  The bottom one was an idea i originally had which i have developed a little bit further. I wanted to alter the perspective of the 'T' to make it look like it was lying stretched across the frame, then with these long lines added to the bottom, i have stretched the whole letterform and also made it look 3D.

The next three sketches i was playing around with the perspective of the letter. I wanted to make it look like the type was lied flat and 'STRETCHING' out towards us. i drew this in a simple form at the top and then started making the letterform more 3d in two different ways which gave some interesting results. I quite like the minimal qualities in the first drawing though, if it was to be more refined, i think this would work nicely. 

This was a more refined sketch of the chewing gum idea i had. The idea was to make the text look sticky, stringy and stretchy by moulding it like chewing gum, to look like it had been stretched into place. I liked the idea and the drawing looks alright but after some peer feedback i have noticed that it has turned out to look somewhat inappropriate and a little bit nasty. Work in progress on this one.

The next two drawings i think are interesting. Developed from ideas of taking the edges of the type and stretching them left and right to fit in the square frame. The top design has a little too much going on and doesn't really work well or look right to communicate as a typeface. The bottom one however, i am pleased with and think this can be developed into a really nice letterform, maybe something that could work well for a logo.

Alphabet Soup - Design Sheets

This was some more design sheets i created from my initial ideas. Still only pretty rough sketches but i have started to form more solid ideas of what i want to create for my final letterforms. I've been looking at different perspectives, stretching the letter both vertically and horizontally and also basing some type from stretchy items like chewing gum and elastic bands.

Alphabet Soup - Design Sheets

After some research i begin to do some more sketches with my chosen letter 'T'. I thought about some of the different ways i was going to stretch the letterforms. As we are only limited to a colour palette of black and white and was only allowed to hand craft the letters, i decided to keep my designs fairly simple and hand craft the majority out of black and white card. 

Alphabet Soup - Design Sheets

This is the design sheet i used to get some basic ideas down, before any research. I looked in the dictionary to find the meaning of the word stretch, jotted that down. Then come up with some BASIC sketches for some ideas i may pursue.

Final Piece

This is the final outcome for our project, the poster/flyer design.

This is the design for the front of the card/flyer which will hold the flyer inside of it.

The final product photographed inside of a wallet.

Final piece when opened out.

Development - Layout Design

I have been starting to put together a layout for the poster/leaflet. Got some ideas down and a basic layout for us to start creating the final piece.

Development - Drawing From Photos

Here is some more development work did. Emma made some tracings from the photos we took previously. I then used the tracings to make a digital drawing and applied the same technique as i did with the other two images to get the vintage looking, textured piece. 

Development - Drawing From Photos

I also created a digital drawing from a photo i took of a taxi earlier today. I again added colour and texture to this to make it suit the style i was going for. 

Development - Drawing from photos

We all decided to draw from some of the photos and bring the outcomes in to choose what style we would like to use on the final piece. Here is a digital drawing that i personally created using an outline tool on Photoshop. I also added some colour and texture to the drawing which i think looks good and works well.

Group Work - Taking photos for reference

Today, as a group, we decided to take some photographs in different situations based on our original plan. Some of the situations we decided to photograph was 'hailing a cab', being drunk, passed out on the floor', 'eating food while trying to enter a cab' and the best one of all... 'A TAXI DRIVER WITH HIS THUMB UP!'. Here are some photographs that we will more than likely use on the final piece. We plan to use these photos as reference when creating our final outcome. 

10 letterforms taken from my summer brief

Here are 10 examples taken from my alphabet summer brief. I wanted to keep my type running to a particular theme and thats why they all flow into the next. I also wanted to keep it quite simple, and created the original font/illustrations from using a circle then building lines around each circle to form each different letter. 
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