How to// Design Ideas

After researching into how to buy an engagement ring more, i looked at what could be included in the booklet we are creating to give out to men. 

The main things we wanted to include was, 'The Four C's', which is cut, clarity, colour and carat weight.  I also looked at what the woman prefers, and also passing rings down the generation of people. 

I tried to create little diagrams, sort of relating to info graphics and also pictograms that could represent each idea. These are just some basic ideas and i will have to look further into developing them after speaking with the group. 

How to // Initial Ideas

From my initial ideas of rings and diamonds relating the most to the subject (obviously), i created this illustration of a diamond made from a different sized triangles put together. I chose these muted navy and light blue colours to represent the diamonds clear sparkle. I think they work really well together...

I then played around with this more. I added a gold ring to the diamond then using more shapes with the circles created this logo , possible from cover for a booklet style design. I added texture and played around with some type to see what the outcome was. I am really happy with the overall look at this and think if the group like it, it would be ice to keep a consistent theme throughout the booklet, looking like this...

Laser Cutting Is Genius

Just had a spare hour or two today so i decided to book into laser cutting and experiment a bit. Just messing around by cutting out letters and shapes to see what it looked like. I'm really happy with the results and still find the laser cutter fascinating! It's AMAZING!

I created a piece for a favourite band of mine, FENCES. I've sent them an email and got a reply. They loved it!

I also made a christmas present for my brother. it's some type i designed using a famous lyric by Bob Marley, who my brother is obsessed with. I still need to cut the wood down, varnish and frame it though. 

How to // Development

After the workshop, i just tried to re-create some of the info-graphics that i had quickly designed up, putting a little bit more thought into it. Still at the moment only basic designs, but i'm liking my initial response and am looking forward to where i can take it. 

How To // Workshop

I really enjoyed our first workshop for the 'How To' brief mainly because we was asked to turn information into something visual. This means INFO-GRAPHICS! I have always wanted to make info-graphics but have never had the chance to due to previous briefs, now we have the chance i am really pleased to give it a go and see what i can come up with.

To start the workshop we had to first create a timeline from when we started nursery school to the present day at Leeds College Of Art. Using different coloured shapes we then had to plot on different big events in our life. For example changing schools, specifying in art and design and the process of joining the college...

I then traced the shapes through without the timeline which revealed an interesting result! using shapes and something more abstract to represent information...

From my previous research, I then had to write down the 20 most important and relevant facts and information about my chosen subject which was... 'How To Ask For Forgiveness' ...

From this and using the same technique, i chose the top 6 facts and figures and started to place them into info-graphic style sketches and design sheets. Generating some basic initial ideas...

How to // Primary Research

Here is some more feedback from my survey. So far 20 people have taken it and i will keep the link live so that hopefully more people will take it so i get a bigger percentage and therefore more accurate results.   This survey has been a good way to get the general view of the public, all different ages and also to get unbiased accurate results. The results so far are as follows...

How To // Primary Research

fter looking at mainly secondary research, i decided to form my own survey asking people about the subject. This will be useful for me, as i can use specific personal questions that are more useful and relevant to me and get first hand research.

I used the website Survey Monkey for this. I recommend this to everyone who wants to create a survey that can be easily sent around the internet and emailed out for quick and more responses.

These are the six questions that i carefully came up with for the survey. I wanted to keep it short enough so that the people taking it didn't get bored but also have enough relevant questions that will help my research. 

This is just a screenshot of what the survey looks like when the link to it is clicked. 

A screenshot of the answers. I can go sign into the website anytime to check how many people have taken the survey and what answers are being chosen the most. 

I posted out on Facebook to get people to take the survey. Social Networking sites are a really good tool for this. 

I also sent a few emails out to hopefully get some more responses to my survey.

[Primary Research]


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