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The idea for my next product was a set of posters. i wanted to keep the theme consistent throughout but stick to the theme of my zine as a pose to the illustrative postcards. My idea was to keep the advertisements very subtle because the people who i am appealing to would be the more 'arty', cultural kind of audience. Therfore, the posters don't have to be in your face and crammed full of info.

 As i will be using the posters for promotion of the exhibition, they needed to reflect the general theme and style which is why i went down the route i have chosen. As explained, the posters needed to be simple and subtle and also reflect the style i have chosen for my zine. I decided again to use simple imagery, words, pictograms and logos to create the posters.

I really like the idea of keeping the audience guessing at what this could be which would make them want to have a close look at the poster and read the further information around the sides.

Here are some experiments. I'm not sure which ones i will be using yet, but i'm thinking a set of 3, 4 or 5 that are all very similar but slightly different would be reasonable to use as a final product...

Design Sheets...

Digitalised Designs...




i have put lines underneath the posters in which i will choose to print. I decided this by getting as much artistic feedback as i could. These three was the most popular designs with people in the studio and anyone else who i asked. 

100 Things // Catergorise & Collect // Zine Mock-Up

I decided to make a miniature mock-up of my zine on some antique white paper stock to see how it looked. I am really pleased with the result and although its not to scale and a little scruffy, i can visulaise the look of it more now when it is printed full scale...

100 Things // Categorise & Collect // Zine Layout Design

After some playing around with the layout, i finally got to one that i was happy with, and that fitted consistently throughout the zine. I wanted the look to be exciting but also quite minimalistic and simple and i feel i have achieved it with this. I will print this on either newsprint or cartridge paper to get the desired 'zine' feel towards the booklet.

The images i have been using are royalty free stock photographs as i obviously cannot go out and get my own photos on this subject ( as much as i would like to).


PAGE 1 AND 2...

PAGE 3 AND 4...

PAGE 5 AND 6...


PAGE 9 AND 10.

The zine will be A5 in size. 

100 Things // Categorise & Communicate // Zine Development

Here i have been looking at some possible layout designs for my zine. I am reasonably happy with the cover front and back for the booklet but am still undecided which layout to go for. I like the images overlapping the body copy as i think it really works well in this style and makes it a little bit more interesting than your standard layout. I'l have to see where i can take this before creating al the pages that make up my zine...

some intial designs for the front (right) and back (left) covers.

I like the top design the best. It's clean and gets the point across without making too much of a fuss but is also quite decorative with  the patterned lines and the pictograms in the logo .

Moving onto the pages inside. Here i have been working on the same information for 'The War Bonnet' and 'The Bald Eagle'. This is spanning across a double page spread...

With and without guides on. This is my favourite layout where the text overlaps the image. I think a full zine in this style would really work well for the style i am going for. 

I have now moved the text so it all sits along the bottom. The images and title logo's are now above them. i don't think this one works quite as well. 

I like the simplicity of this one. When the images are removed the focus lies on the body copy at the bottom. The nice little logos sitting at the top of each page work well but make the zine a little bit more boring in my opinion. 

From my design sheets and experiments, i think i like the first initial style i had the best. I will try to created the booklet in this style and hopefully it will work. If not i will have to refer back to and experiment even more with layout styles. 

100 Things // Categorise & Communicate // Zine design sheets

as one of my 10 products i have decided to create a zine. this will be a little booklet that contains similar information to the postcards but it is represented in a cleaner more sophisticated way. This would be something that would be picked up and used to carry around the exhibition, or maybe even sold in some kind of gift shop.

My initial plans for the layout are shown in the design sheets i made. I wanted to go with the zine style where they often use one colour throughout, making all the images gradient mapped a certain colour. This continues the style of my promo posters and is something that i am really interested in of late. I am glad that i can be incorporating this style into my work...

These design sheets are really scruffy but just show the different ideas i have for layouts jotted quickly down on some paper. I will transfer some of these ideas into InDesign to see which one i like the best, before completing my zine. 

100 Things // Categorise & Communicate // Postcards Print

I have been working on the final print for my postcards. I wanted to included the paper texture, but didn't want this to collide too much with the stock i will be using (which i'm thinking is going to be an off white textured paper anyway). I found that the best way to this was to keep the background blank so that the stock would work here and add an extra texture to the illustrations. I'm going to print these off as a sample on my chosen stock before the final print...

Sorting the layout for my final print (FRONT & BACK) ...




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