OUGD406 // Communication Is A Virus

I decided to make one of my own based on the tutorials. As at that moment in time i only had a smaller carton, the dimensions are a little off. The finals would obviously be a little wider and bigger in general really. However, i am pleased i got the general shape of the wallet right. It's so easy to make, and doesn't even need glue. This will work in our favour...

Flattened the carton out, split into three sections with a pencil and ruler then cut out the sides and back of the bottom third...

Folded the sides in, then folded the wallet up into one section...

TA-DA. Finished wallet. I cut out the front of it into a sort of envelope shape to give a little bit more character...

I put a press clip in it for now but on the finals this would be replaced with a press stud or button and elastic to make the product look more classy. I have been thinking of places i could brand the product. Maybe something could be laser cut out of the carton or maybe sticker can be placed on the front or back. I'm not sure yet...

Holding some scrilla! 

OUGD406 // Communication Is A Virus

(How does it spread?)


You have been given an idea, concept, message or task. You are required to produce a graphic response that engages with a specific audience. Your response should consider the context and environment in which you aim for it to be delivered. You will need to identify this as part of your initial concept proposal.

You should aim to identify, analyse and use existing means of distributions in order to select an appropriate method of communication. 

Background / Considerations

What do you want to say? How do you intend to say it? What language would be appropriate?

Will the content be communicated primarily through type or image? If it is both what is the relationship between the two?

What are you aiming to achieve? Are you directing your audience to a website, encouraging them to attend an event? Will it be interactive or encouraging them to change their lifestyle?

The tone of voice of voice should be appropriate to your content, the audience to which your work will be delivered and the context in which it will be viewed or delivered.

A limited colour pallet, two colours plus stock, will allow for reproduction of your designs across a range of media.

You should resolve this problem by the deadline stated below. However, if you have plans to extend the scope and ambition of your response beyond this deadline you should include these proposals in your presentation.


We chose to go with the phrase 'Try Something New' and we wanted to come up with the branding for recycled wallets made from empty juice cartons. 

We was torn between two routes to go down. The first would be to create the nets and instructions for people to make their own, just to encourage recycling and how fun it can be. The other direction was to  make the wallets ourselves and come up with a corporate identity for them. Branding them, making the logo, making a catalogue of products and adding logo's to the products.

The items would obviously be sold for very cheap, maybe a pound each, because the whole idea is to recycle into something new. If we was to go down this route, we discussed that our final outcomes would most likely to be...

  • The wallets themselves, created by us. Maybe 10 or 15 different designs. 
  • The branding for the wallets. Logo design etc. 
  • A Website for the products (maybe A Twitter, Big Cartel and Facebook page too)
  • A Catalogue for the products, so people can buy. 
As we know, the concept is a little bit ridiculous, but we think that thats what makes it. At the end of the day, it's just a little bit of fun. Encouraging people to try something different, recycle materials and also set a little wallet shop up at the same time. We thought this would be a great challenge for us because it's something totally new and what none of us have done before and its pushing outside of jsut graphic design which we like to do, experiment every now and then. 

Design Principles // Building The Letter A // Space and Perspective

Today we was looking at Space and Perception. Our task was to create a letter that was made from 3 different planes at three different levels but when looked through the viewfinder looked like one whole letter from that particular perception. We chose to go with the letter A and we decided to challenge ourselves by creating a 3D letterform. We was basing this on the channel 4 idents where the 3d shapes lock in and out of each other to create the final logo...

We started on the backdrop, creating this from pure white paper .

Dismantling the boxes ready to be cut up. 

Creating and assembling out viewfinder in which we will line up the 'A' with. 

Cutting out the shapes for our letter 'A'. We decided to go with a bold capital Helvetica to keep things clear and simple. 

Putting together the side of our letter so that we had a fully '3D' 'A'. 

We then decided which parts of the 'A' to cut in order to make the 3 different segments. 

Once we did this, we then added bottoms and tops to these shapes in order to get 3 solid shapes. 

Lining the table with the pure white stock to give a nice studio like backdrop for our shapes to sit on. 

Using the viewfinder we lined up the shapes best we could. 

The top part had to be hung from the light fittings with string in order for it to sit above the other two grounded shapes. 

We matched the two grounded shapes up perfectly then went onto the 3rd floating shape...

This proved to be more difficult and took lots of different trial and error attempts to get the final result. 

We got there in the end! the 3 peices lined up pretty much perfectly to create the shape of our letter 'A'. 

What Is A Line? // Collages

I have began to play around with some textures and images, digitally collaging them together. I wanted to work like this because i have not had chance to yet on the course and it was something i wanted to experiment with. I have also been experimenting with graph textures adding them into the collages, which is playing on the 'Line' element of the brief as well as the main theme of 'Hats'.

The Bicycle Cap 

I am happy with the last one after some experimentation. I want to keep the letter big on every design along with the circle in the middle and the small text around it. This will help keep my designs consistent throughout the book that i will be creating. 

The Pork Pie/Top Hat 

As these next two hats are old 'classics', i decided to keep the designs classy and dull in colour. I used the really nice black and white images too, collaging these on top. I am really happy with these two designs, and this is what i will be pushing further for the rest of the booklet.

The Snap-Back Cap 

I wanted to include some famous faces in my collages just to make things a little bit more fun. Matching celebrities to a certain hat gives the publication a little bit more purpose and is definitely something that could probably sell to the correct audiences...

For the snap-back, i decided to go with childhood favourite Will Smith as the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Made this design a lot more colourful to match the nature of the character and hat itself. Still kept the same type and textured circle to keep that theme going. 

What Is A Line // Collection of hats.

Here is the final collection of 20 iconic hats that i will be working with...

1. Top Hat

2. Fez

3. Fedora

4. Pork Pie Hat

5. Snap Back Cap

6. Bowler Hat

7. Bicycle Cap

8. Wooley Hat

9. Beret

10. Flat Cap

11. Propellor Hat

12. Straw Hat

13. Sombrero

14. Trilby


I'm going to be collaging some image up into my designs so i want to keep it quite classy. I'll probably be working with old black and white images for the majority of the work.


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